How Toyota Introduces Tech

Rick Bohan

Over the years, I’ve resisted linking to “outside” articles other than my own. I always felt that I should provide original content.

I’m revisiting that decision because, of course, there’s a bunch of good literature out there that’s not my own. Sharing such of that literature as I become aware of with you strikes me as a way this blog can add value.

This article is a good example. I’ve been reading a bit about Industry 4.0 and digital transformation lately. Most of it is interesting stuff but too much of it presents technology as intrinsically “good”. This article, published by my friends at Industry Week, reviews Toyota’s more enlightened approach to tech.

The starting point is this: where are real needs that technology can address to help achieve your goals? This is a question of pulling technology based on the opportunity, instead of pushing the technology because it is the latest fad.


When the Toyota Way Meets Industry 4.0


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