A Good Lean Case Study….Sort of

Rick Bohan

I found this article (Case Study: VIBCO’s Lean Transformation Journey) while scouring around for lean blogs to recommend.  I was actually hoping for more nitty-gritty as to how the company carried out its transformation but, to tell the truth, it’s mostly the usual “we created a True North and kept it as our guide” stuff.

So, why the link?  Well…this:

“I personally extend an open offer to come to the GEMBA at VIBCO – contact us to request a tour. Tours are typically three hours, preferred Tues/Thursday, the only requirement is that top leader from the visiting organization be present.”

According to the post, VIBCO is in Rhode Island.  I’ve never been there or seen the operations, so I can’t vouch for it one way or the other.  But it’s not every day a senior exec broadcasts an invitation to spend three hours with any yahoo who wants to see his place.  If you get in touch with him and visit the plant, let me know what you find.


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