Find Your Competitive Edge


Find Your Competitive Edge


Find Your Competitive Edge


Find Your Competitive Edge


Find Your Competitive Edge


Find Your Competitive Edge


Find Your Competitive Edge

A New Way to Look at Lean

I help manufacturing companies develop Lean capabilities and culture so they can provide a better product faster than their competition can. That’s the focus of a strategic or “Agile” Lean initiative. Through consistent and strategic application of lean management, your organization becomes more proactive, responsive, and effective.

Explore Modern Lean

Think Agile

Agile is the New Lean

You can lose weight by cutting calories. But to become stronger and more agile, you need to train. In the same way, just cutting costs won’t necessarily make your organization stronger or more adaptable. If you want to win in business, focus on building up the capabilities that give your company a competitive edge.

People First

People Determine the Success of Lean

The people impacted by a Lean initiative must be on board with the process or it will fail. Lean principles are simple to grasp. However, they don’t work in real life unless PEOPLE are willing to make changes in their day-to-day work. By focusing on what makes work easier and less frustrating for employees, EVERYONE sees the benefits of more efficiency and productivity.

Lean Culture

Lean Is a Culture Shift, Not a Toolset

Lean starts as a mindset and an attitude toward managing operations. An organization’s culture must transform to make lean improvements sustainable. Lean applies to how all processes are managed. It isn’t about fixing a few bottlenecks using popular techniques or concepts. Coaching the organization and workers through this culture change makes a big difference in success.
Founder & CEO, Chagrin River Consulting

Rick Bohan

“Lean is strategic for the whole organization and not just a set of tools or processes. I collaborate with my clients to find the RIGHT way to solve problems and capture opportunities. We trade ideas and get everyone involved from the leadership team to the shop floor. Through the years, I’ve found that coaching people and managing the culture change is essential for making lean effective and sustainable. When people see how Lean makes their work easier, they get on board with the process.”

Why Make a Lean Transformation?

Experience the Difference in Operations, Growth, and People

  • Get Inventory Under Control
  • Shorten Lead Times
  • Reduce Scrap
  • Increase Safety
  • Do Faster Changeovers
  • Increase Machine Uptime
  • Innovate Faster
  • Improve Morale
  • Enter New Markets
  • Have More Product to Sell
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Turnover

What Our Client Says

“I used Rick as a consultant to observe my interactions with new staff in group meetings and advise me how I might improve the relationships. He was extremely helpful. Later, I participated in several leadership training courses that Rick provided for department directors and managers. These were very well run and beneficial to all participants.”

Anita Khayat

Management Consultant

“Rick did a great job facilitating implementation of a Total Quality process that led to ISO certification in a high technology, union shop. Rick is highly effective at gaining effective participation, recognizing rough spots, and taking corrective actions to achieve great results.”

Gary Johnson

Company President

“We hired Rick to be our Lean/Agile initiative consultant. We worked closely with him during our education phase & set-up of our initial metrics & systems. Rick’s professionalism & people skills helped start us on this journey. The systems he helped us implement our serving us well. His hands-on approach fit well for us. I highly recommend Rick.”

Steve Peplin

Business Owner

“Rick first introduced Total Quality Management to Sawyer Research in the early 90s. His facilitation of the cooperative effort between management and the union led to a vast improvement in productivity, quality and collaboration. He’s an expert!”

Paul Hervey

General Manager

“Rick’s engaging style and deep understanding of the path to continuous improvement allowed him to work well with Lamson Associates at all levels – from the ladies and gentlemen on the factory floor to top of our executive leadership.”

Barbara Prince

Customer Service Manager

“Rick has worked with us at Vitamix on several different occasions over the years. Rick took the time to understand what we needed and delivered on it. He was very engaging and related with well our employees, and they enjoyed working with him. If you are looking for LEAN assistance, I highly recommend you speak to Rick.”

Joe Pulella

Strategic Advisor